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  2011 Fuel Mix Information

1100   North   Tower  Avenue
Centralia, Washington  98531

Date:                                        September 7, 2012
Information Provided By:        Centralia City Light
Phone:                                     360-330-7512
Fax:                                          360-330-7516
Daily Chronicle                       FAX 736-4796
KELA Radio                              FAX 736-0150
KITI Radio                                FAX 736-4761
KACS Radio                              FAX 740-9415
The Centralia City Light Departmentís hydroelectric project provides about 25% of the power its customers need.  The remainder is purchased through long-term contracts with the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA).
The following table provides information on the fuels used to generate the electricity Centralia provided to its customers in 2011.  While Centralia owns no nuclear or coal generation, a portion of the power purchased from BPA comes from these sources and is reflected in the fuel mix shown in the table.
This information is provided in compliance with fuel disclosure provisions of the Fuel Mix Disclosure section of State law.  For additional information, please contact Centralia City Light at 330-7512.
            Generation Type                    Percentage
            Biomass                                  0.10%
            Coal                                         1.60% 
            Hydro                                      93.91%
            Landfill Gases                         0.01%
            Natural Gas                            0.50%
            Nuclear                                   3.82%
            Other                                      0.01%
            Petroleum                               0.02%
            Waste                                     0.03%


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