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P.O. Box 609
118 West Maple Street
Centralia, WA 98531-0609
Phone: (360) 330-7662
Fax: (360) 330-7673
Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday-Friday

Elevation Certificates
Centralia Elevation Certificates, NFIP Elevation Certificate and Instructions, Elevation Certificate Form Only

Beginning March 2013 FEMA has enacted significant changes to the flood insurance program. To view a fact sheets highlighting some of the major changes, please click here.

- Centralia Floodplain/Floodway Map
FEMA Flood Map Service Center - Looking for a Flood MapFEMA FIRM Maps
Maps of Hazards for the Centralia area -  
Flooding, Dam Inundation, Steep Slopes, Liquefaction, and Evacuation Routes.

Centralia Emergency Management
Lewis County Emergency Management

Are you flood ready?  Prepare now for the upcoming flood season by creating a hazard plan for your home and business FEMA has created a great website to help you prepare.

1.  Flood Hazards for Centralia - Chehalis and Skookumchuck rivers, China creek, Salzer Creek, and Coffee Creek.  Please click here for a flood informational handout that is distributed to all property owners, real estate, insurance agents, mortgage lenders, and lending institutions in the Special Hazard area of Centralia.  For additional Hazards that could affect Centralia and Lewis County please click here.

2.  Flood Safety/Flood Response Preparations - safety information, evacuation tips, etc..

3.  Flood Insurance - National Flood Insurance Program, frequently asked questions about N.F.I.P., facts of coverage, etc..

4.  Property Protection Measures - Ways to permanently retrofit a building, flood proofing measures, protecting against other hazards, etc...

5.  Natural and Beneficial Functions -  natural and beneficial functions of floodplains

6.  Maps of Hazards for the Centralia area -  Flooding, Dam Inundation, Steep Slopes, Liquefaction, and Evacuation Routes.

7.  Flood Warning System - Centralia EOC, Lewis County Emergency Management, NOAA, local radio stations (KELA 1470 AM, KITI 1420 AM, KMNT 104.3 FM

8.  Floodplain Permit Requirements - floodplain development needs a permit. Contact the Community Development Department at (360) 330-7662 or visit us at 118 West Maple, Centralia, WA, to determine if a property is in the flood zone, applicable regulations, obtain elevation certificates if on file, etc. 

9.  Drainage System Maintenance - dumping in draninage facilities, how to report violations, drainage problems, stormwater maintenance, etc..

10.  Real Time River Gage Data - River Readings, real time gages, NWRFC, NOAA,
Chehalis Basin Flood Authority - Flood Inundation Maps

11. Flood Inundation Maps to Enhance Flood Forecasts for the Chehalis River - The maps were produced in partnership with the Chehalis River Basin Flood Authority and their contractor, WEST Consultants, with the assistance of the local stakeholders City of Centralia; City of Chehalis; Lewis County; Washington State Departments of Transportation, Ecology, and Emergency Management;  FEMA; and the U. S. Army Corps. of Engineers, Seattle District.

12. Flood Warning System Brief Sheet


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