I Ran From the Cops & SWAT Challenge

The City of Centralia welcomes the beginning of summer and the fourth of July with a large celebration called Summer Fest, held on July 4th each year.

Festivities begin in Borst Park with a pancake feed, fishing derby, and games for kids. A parade is held in downtown Centralia during the afternoon hours. The celebration ends with a demolition derby and fireworks display at Southwest Washington Fairgrounds.

To kick-off Summer Fest, the Centralia Police Officer's Association holds two events: I Ran from the COPS and the SWAT Challenge. They raise funds for community support such as scholarships and Shop with a Cop program.

I Ran from the Cops is a flat, fast 8K run. Lead the chase or relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings by participating in the 1.5K health walk-jog (families are encouraged to join).

This event is for everyone. Fee includes a t-shirt for all participants (SWAT Challenge t-shirts are limited, so register early).

There are Special Awards for the heroes!

Run From the Cops

Ready, set, go!

Join in the fun! The Centralia Police Officer Association's Summerfest Run is a flat, fast 8K run. Lead the chase on the 8K, or relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings by participating in the 1.5K Health Walk/Run. This race is for everyone.

Free T-shirt for all participants! Special awards for the heroes!

Don't wait - sign up today!

To register for the Run from the Cops fun run, fill out the Run from the Cops Registration Form (PDF).

SWAT Challenge Fitness Test

Event 1: Pursuit/Rescue Climb

The Pursuit/Rescue Climb consists of two pull-ups with the hands facing outwards. The pull-ups will start from a dead hang position. The student will be wearing a tactical vest with 25 lbs of weight in it. The chin must cross over the bar and the candidate must return to the dead hang position before repeating.

Event 2: Tactical Obstacle Course

Wearing workout clothing, the candidate must complete an 880-yard course consisting of two laps and three job-related tasks on a 440 yards oval running track. At the 220 and 260 yard marks, the candidate must negotiate a forty-yard running weave consisting of nine cones placed five yards apart, with a lateral dispersion of five yards. Candidates must run to the left of the cones positioned on the inside of the track and to the right of the cones positioned on the outside of the track.

At the 440 yard mark, the candidate must drag a supine victim ten yards to safety. The candidate must complete the drag with no assistance from the victim. The victim should weigh between 175 and 225 pounds attired in his/her SWAT body armor and equipment. Only the victim's feet may contact the track during the drag.

At the 660 yard mark, the candidate must renegotiate the running weave, this time dropping to the prone position (chest and hands in contact with the track) at each cone.

Passing time is 4 minutes 45 seconds

Event 3: Assault Dash

The candidate will begin in the prone position carrying an unloaded Remington 870 shotgun. The student will have 7.70 seconds to run forty yards with the shotgun. Events may be completed in a different order.

To enlist in the SWAT Challenge, fill out the SWAT Challenge Registration Form (PDF).