One Room School

Centralia’s replica of a one-room schoolhouse was sponsored by the Lewis County Retired Teachers Association and Centralia Parks & Recreation Department in 1996 and is adjacent to the Historic Borst Home in Fort Borst Park.

This project was financed by numerous money-making efforts and donations from various organizations and individuals totaling $23,000. Planning began in the fall of 1994 with a groundbreaking on September 21, 1995. The schoolhouse was dedicated on September 16, 1996.

School House furnishings include an American flag, bell tower, school bell, teacher hand bell, wooden bench, Betsy Ross framed picture, bookcase & books, small broom & wash basin & books, oil lamp, teacher desk, wall clock regulator, individual drinking cups, lard lunch pails, black wood stove, wooden stool with back, wooden library table, books, dictionary stand, child’s coat & sweater, scarves & hat, ABC cards, vocabulary cards, framed pictures of old schools, school registers, world atlas, student desks, US Flag, individual ink wells, globe, book, penholders & pen points & rulers, water dipper, wall slate boards, individual slate boards, individual slate, wall map, wall map unit with maps, water bucket, wooden boxes, ink bottle & books, wooden stool without back, erasers, framed copy of Gettysburg Address, common school register, writing tablet, soap, box, chalk eraser, posters, Framed picture of George Washington, student desk, and books.


Borst School House