Centralia Police Chiefs

City Marshal

NameTerm of Office
J. F. Blackwell1889 to 1901
Henry Shields1901 to 1908

Chief of Police

NameTerm of Office
Fred L. Ingalls1909 to 1911
Frank M. Roberts1911
Robert L. Schleider1911 to 1914
Thomas L. Hopkins1914 to 1916
Miles Paddy McGrail1916 to 1917
H. Scriver1917 to 1918
Harry Brown1918 to 1919
A. C. Hughes1919 to 1922
Jim Compton1922 to 1928
Hank Andrews1928 to 1929
Tom Vaughn1929 to 1931
R. M. Brunton1931 to 1932
J. C. Dreible1932 to 1934
Milton M. Jastrum1934 to 1946
Otto Rucker1946 to 1965
William Merriman1965 to 1974
Kenneth Payne1974 to 1979
Roland J. Winter1979 to 1985
Donald C. Smith1986 to 1990
Toni W Breckel1990 to 2001
John Boren (Interim Chief)2001 to 2004
Robert Berg2004 to 2015
Carl Nielsen2015 to 2020
Stacy Denham2020 to Present

Chiefs of Police Photo Gallery

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