Volunteer Recognition

The City of Centralia appreciates our volunteers for their hard work, commitment, and community spirit!  Our community benefits from these volunteers and when you look around, there are visible examples of volunteer services. 

We have citizens who volunteer their time by picking up trash and this helps with the clean-up of our streets and parks. Recently, there was a Rededication Ceremony at Greenwood Cemetery.  Over time, the cemetery had fallen into disarray. Thanks to the efforts of officials and volunteers, the cemetery is now a place of beauty and rest for its citizens and loved ones! 

The City of Centralia recognizes volunteer services provided for the benefit of the City on an “annual basis", beginning in 2022. There will be a City of Centralia Volunteer Special Recognition Award Program, wherein an individual, non-profit organization or business can nominate a Volunteer who has provided exemplary volunteer services for the benefit of the City of Centralia. The Nomination Form is accessible here and contains further details.  The deadline to submit this form is October 31, 2022 by 5:00 p.m.

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