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Borst Park

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Photo Album Block House (PDF)

Borst Map Final 6-15-2011 (PDF)

Fort Borst Park is the most significant park facility in the city system. Because of its size, central location, varied natural features, and diverse recreational opportunities, Fort Borst Park attracts large numbers of local and park users. This well-developed park is located at the confluence of the Chehalis and Skookumchuck rivers and is the home to the historic Borst homestead, schoolhouse, arboretum, and Fort Borst Blockhouse.

In addition to being an important historic site, the park's athletic facilities include full-service little league, softball, and youth soccer complexes comprising over four baseball fields, three softball fields, and seven soccer fields. Additional athletic fields, an indoor pool, and an outdoor tennis complex are located nearby and jointly managed with the Centralia School District. Water access includes adjacent river frontages, Fort Borst Lake, and a concrete boat ramp along the Chehalis River. Fort Borst Park is very popular with large groups and includes group picnic, shelter, and facility rentals. In addition, Fort Borst Park is home to the city park administration and maintenance staff and facilities.


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