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Elks Lodge

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The downtown area of Centralia has many diverse building styles. One of the most impressive is the former Centralia Elks Lodge, now the Centralia Square Antique Mall. The building was built in a style known as Mission-Revival, illustrated through the use of stucco walls and a red tile roof. It was designed by Joseph H. Wohleb, better known as the resident architect of the capital city of the State of Washington, Olympia.

The building served as the Elks Lodge from 1920 until 1986 when it was sold and redeveloped into the Centralia Square Antique Mall complex. The building is the home of one of the more infamous historical murals, depicting the labor movement's side of the "Wobbly War", painted by artist and labor activist Mike Alewitz.

Current Occupants:

  • Centralia Square Antique Mall
  • Berry Fields Restaurant
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