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Frequently Asked Questions

1100 North Tower Avenue
Centralia, WA 98531
Phone: 360-330-7512
Fax: 360-330-7516
Contact: M.L. Norton, Centralia City Light General Manager
Hours: M-F 8:00-5:00 pm Except Holidays
  Workplace Efficiency Tips

1. Switch to energy-efficient compact fluorescent lamps
They use about 25% as much energy and can last ten times longer, saving energy and replacement labor. Add occupancy sensors in rooms that are not occupied constantly, such as conference rooms, lunchrooms and restrooms.

2. Remove excess lights
Many buildings have more lighting than needed. In some areas, half the light may be sufficient. When removing excess fluorescent tubes, remember to disconnect the ballasts that serve them.

3. Install separate switches for smaller areas
Some businesses have dozens of lights controlled by a single switch, and not all are needed at the same time. Have an electrician rewire lights into smaller groups on independent switches.

4. Keep the heating and cooling to a minimum
Heating and cooling accounts for half of the total energy used in office buildings.
Request the heat set at 65F (18C) and the air conditioning at 76F (24C), and use a programmable thermostat to set back  the temperature at night, on weekends, and holidays.

5. Shut computers off at night
A computer or printer can use over 100 watts of power. When replacing computers, purchase new energy-efficient models that use less energy.

6. Fax and copy only when really necessary

7. Keep heating vents unobstructed

8. Open freight doors only when needed
As soon as a delivery is complete, close the doors to conserve energy.

9. Use rotating doors
When a choice is available, use rotating doors instead of standard hinged or sliding doors. They allow less heat and air conditioning to escape.

10. Turn off elevators
On weekends, in the evenings, or during holidays a minimum number of elevators likely will be adequate. Turn off extra elevators for annual savings.

11. Replace burned-out motors with energy efficient models
Retrofit building pump and fan motors with variable frequency drives when possible.


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