Staying Warm

  • Pay attention to the thermostat
    A few degrees can make a difference in your heating bill. Set the thermostat between 65° and 68°F (18° to 29°C).
  • Add extra insulation
    In areas that are accessible, such as attics and crawl spaces, add an extra layer of insulation. Consult an expert or utility representative to determine the appropriate amount to add.
  • Keep heating vents unobstructed
    Check ducts which sometimes become blocked by furniture or other items.
  • Clean filters monthly
    Forced air furnace filters trap dirt and should be cleaned or replaced regularly.
  • Close chimney dampers
    An open chimney might act as a suction pipe, pulling warm air out of the house. Close the damper as soon as the fire is completely out.
  • Use sweaters and blankets
    Encourage family members to dress warmly.
  • Circulate heated air
    Since warm air rises to the highest areas, a ceiling fan at a low speed helps distribute warm air in the house.
  • Keep drapes and blinds closed
    Drapes add an extra layer of insulation. If you don't need the outside light, leave them closed. Turn blind louvers down toward the ground outside to divert rising heat back into the room.
  • Check heat ducts for leaks
    Where accessible, feel ducts for cracks or leaks and seal leaks with foil-backed tape. Ducts in unheated areas should also be insulated where possible.