Car Wash Program

Welcome to the City of Centralia's Car Wash Program! The documents listed on this page will provide useful information as you plan for a car wash event.

In 2019 the City of Centralia Stormwater Department loaned out car wish kits to Centralia charities, youth groups, and other organizations. These kits were loaned to Centralia groups 12 times in 2019. By using the kits, 444 cars were washed and 2,664 gallons of soapy, polluted water were kept out of stormwater drains. From 2013 to 2019, 2,156 cars have been washed, removing 12,936 gallons of soapy polluted water from going into the stormwater drainage system.

The 2021 car wash season is now underway. Please call the City of Centralia Stormwater Department at phone 360-330-7512 to reserve your car wash kit today.

Helpful Documents