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Borst Park Dog Park

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  1. Dog Park
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The south loop road of Borst Park where the Dog Park is located is open to cars Memorial through Labor Day weekends only.  During all other times, it is accessible on a walk-in basis only. 

Dog Park Rules

  • You are entering an Off-Leash Dog Park. All dogs should be off-leash within the play areas and must be on leash in all other areas of the park. No other animals are allowed.
  • Entry to the Dog Park is at the risk of dog owners, handlers, and guests. Small children must not be permitted to run loose within the off-leash area.
  • To prevent fights, no food or toys are allowed inside the off-leash area.
  • Owners are legally responsible for their dogs and any injury or damage caused by their dogs.
  • All dogs must be vaccinated prior to entering the off-leash area. Dogs showing signs of illness (coughing, runny nose, etc.) may not be brought into the Dog Park.
  • Dogs that live within the Centralia City limits must wear a collar with ID, current dog license, and current rabies tag at all times. All others must wear current rabies tag and ID. • Dogs that become overly dominant or aggressive must be leashed and removed from the off-leash areas immediately. • No dog less than 4 months old shall be permitted in the off-leash area. Female dogs in heat are not allowed at any time.
  • Maximum 2 dogs per adult allowed in the off-leash area at any time.
  • Owners shall be in possession of a leash for each dog at all times and must control excessive barking or other unwanted or destructive behaviors.
  • Owners must clean up after their dogs by sealing feces in plastic bags and disposing of it in designated trash receptacles.
  • Owners are responsible for filling holes dug by their dogs prior to leaving the off-leash area.