Engineering Department

The Engineering Department provides preliminary engineering, design engineering, construction inspection, and management services for the City's public works projects. The department is also responsible for traffic engineering, bridge inspection, utility locates, private development plan reviews, information systems, private development inspections, and the geographic information system (GIS).

Transportation Improvement Plan

View the Six Year Transportation Improvement Plan 2024-2029

Nondiscrimination Agreement Annual (NDA) Update Report

2022 Title VI Accomplishments and Goals Report

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Transition Plan

The City of Centralia welcomes comments regarding the Transition Plan and any other concerns regarding issues with access to our Public Right-of-Way. Please submit any comments by emailing Patty Page, City Engineer. We would especially like to receive comments regarding the project priority list in the Transition Plan. View the 2022 Update to the Centralia ADA Transition Plan (PDF)

Local Road Safety Plan

The City of Centralia is committed to improving transportation safety within the city limits to reduce the risk of death and serious injury that results from incidents on our roadways. The City collects detailed accident information every year. We utilize this data to determine if accident trends exist for some period of time. We also utilize this information to determine incident types, predict where accidents may occur, and work to reduce accident types exceeding the average rate of occurrence. Targeting accident types and common accident factors allows the City of Centralia to be efficient and cost-effective in identifying and implementing accident reduction strategies. View Centralia Local Road Safety Plan (PDF)