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Historic Hub CityThe Historic Preservation Commission meets on the first Thursday of each month, at 5:30 pm, at City Hall. However, until COVID restrictions are lifted meetings will be held virtually. For current login and agenda information please click here. THE JANUARY HISTORIC PRESERVATION COMMISSION MEETING HAS BEEN CANCELED.

"Why do we Preserve the Past?" - watch this YouTube Video of the Fox Theater restoration created by the kids of Upward Bound. The kids produced several great projects that will be displayed in the theatre. Click the link above to enjoy one of them.

Historic Photo of Building

Coins for Conservation

The historic Fort Borst Blockhouse is in disrepair and in need of attention. The Historic Preservation Committee and the Lions Club have teamed up to try and preserve this local treasure. If you would like to participate in the effort, please contact the Community Development Department at 360-330-7662. You may also sign up for the Borst Blockhouse Restoration newsletter to receive regular updates. To sign up for the newsletter please click on the following link: Blockhouse Newsletter. Thank you!

Centralia Downtown Historic District - National Register of Historic Places (contributing & noncontributing properties)

Local Historic Register National and State Historic Registers

Special Property Tax Valuation Worksheet

Special Tax Valuation for Historic Properties

Special Tax Valuation Presentation 

Flood Damage Information for Historic Properties

Secretary of the Interior Standards for Historic Preservation

Centralia Preservation Action Plan

Centralia Adopted Historic Color Pallet

Centralia's Historic District Map

Historic Preservation Commission

Historic Preservation Requirements

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