Floodplain Map

Site-specific flood information, such as flood zone, base flood elevation, floodway boundaries, historic flood levels, etc. may be available for certain properties within the city limits of Centralia. If City residents are interested to know whether their property is located in a floodplain the City's Community Development Department, as well as Lewis County, maintains copies of the Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM).

FIRMs of Centralia are maps of floodplains and are used to determine whether properties located in the floodplains will be required to carry flood insurance.

FIRMs are used to apply the City's land-use regulations that apply to floodplains. The FIRMs were mapped about 20 years ago using the data that was available at the time.

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For additional floodway or floodplain information, please contact our office at 360-330-7662 or visit us on the second floor of City Hall at 118 W Maple Street.