Centralia Reserve Officers


The Centralia Police Department's Reserve Unit was formed to provide ongoing assistance to the professional law enforcement men and women who serve our community. The police department consists of 33 commissioned full-time officers and 10 non-commissioned personnel.

The Reserve Unit, generally at a strength of 10 to 15 officers, assists with all law enforcement duties including patrol, Community Policing and specialized units such as bicycle patrol and the Critical Incident Response Team. During emergencies ranging from volcanic eruptions to floods, Reserve Officers have proven they can be depended upon to provide professional law enforcement services to the citizens of Centralia.

Over the years, Reserve Officers have served their community in many important ways. During World War II, Reserve Officers patrolled city streets in blackout conditions following the attack on Pearl Harbor. More recently, they were asked to provide security to the President of the United States when he visited Centralia. On a day-to-day basis, Reserves give of their time to make this community a safe place to live and work.

Many police departments, including Centralia, depend on a well trained, professional volunteer Reserve Unit. Reserve Officers are an essential and important part of the Centralia Police Department.

How to become a Reserve Officer

Reserve Officers receive equivalent training in the reserve academy to that which full-time officers receive at Washington's Law Enforcement Academy. In addition, reserves receive yearly training in emergency vehicle operations, firearms, domestic violence prevention, bloodborne pathogens, first aid and CPR. Monthly training meetings present specialized training such as building searches, court testimony, search and seizure updates and report writing.

To find out more about the Centralia Police Department Reserve Program, please call Sgt. Dave Clary at phone: 360-330-7680.

Graduates of the 2016 Reserve Academy