Neighborhood BlockWatch

Help fight crime by joining this community program. Neighbors helping neighbors.

How to Organize a Neighborhood Blockwatch

  • Identify areas to be organized into a BlockWatch group. Areas should be limited to 15 or fewer households.
  • Designate at least one resident from the group to serve as BlockWatch Captain. If there are two interested people, the second can serve as co-captain. The captain and co-captain will be the contact person(s) between the BlockWatch group and the Centralia Police Department (CPD).
  • The BlockWatch Captain should make arrangements with CPD regarding the date, time, and location of an initial neighborhood BlockWatch meeting. A police officer will attend the meeting and will bring important information, brochures, and current crime statistics.
  • The BlockWatch Captain will be asked to follow up and distribute literature to households not present at the meeting.
  • Each household is encouraged to identify appropriate valuables, engrave a unique mark using an engraving pen, and list valuables and serial numbers on a form provided by CPD. Do not use social security numbers.
  • Metal street signs identifying the area as a BlockWatch Neighborhood may be erected by the Centralia Street Department at each end of the block once the majority of households have completed property identification.
  • BlockWatch groups are encouraged to hold neighborhood meetings as needed.

For more information, please email CPD Sergeant Clary

National Night Out BlockWatch party