Interlocal Agreements

  1. 24 7 Program 2021 (PDF)
  2. Emergency Management Services 2021 (PDF)
  3. Inmate Housing with Yakima County (PDF)
  4. Interagency Agreement 24-7 Sobriety Program (PDF)
  5. Interagency with Commerce for COVID 19 2020 (PDF)
  6. Interagency with RCO China Creek (PDF)
  7. Intergov Agree with LC for Radio Services (PDF)
  8. Interlocal Compact for Cooperation Law Enforcement (PDF)
  9. Interlocal Cooperation Agree UGA (PDF)
  10. Interlocal Cost Sharing Pictometry Software (PDF)
  11. Interlocal Flood Warning Cost Sharing (PDF)
  12. Interlocal for Shared Services (PDF)
  13. Interlocal for Solid Waste with Amendments (PDF)
  14. Interlocal Joint Parking PFD (PDF)
  15. Interlocal Lewis County Flood Warning 2020 (PDF)
  16. Interlocal PFD Small Works 2019 (PDF)
  17. Interlocal Port Brotherson Vacation (PDF)
  18. Interlocal W-Chehalis for Rental of Equipment (PDF)
  19. Interlocal with AOC for JIS (PDF)
  20. Interlocal with AWC for Health Care Program (PDF)
  21. Interlocal with Chehalis Basin 6 14 22 (PDF)
  22. Interlocal with Chehalis for Equipment Rental (PDF)
  23. Interlocal with LC for Chipsealing (PDF)
  24. Interlocal with LC for Jail Facilities (PDF)
  25. Interlocal with LC for Support Services (PDF)
  26. Interlocal with Pe Ell for Vehicle Services (PDF)
  27. Interlocal with Port Acquisition of Property (PDF)
  28. Interlocal with RFA for Facilities Use (PDF)
  29. Interlocal with RFA Small Works Use (PDF)
  30. Interlocal W-Lewis County - Wood Chips (PDF)
  31. IT Services with Lewis County (PDF)
  32. Jail Facilities Interlocal 2018 (PDF)
  33. Joint Operational Tasking Order-JNET (PDF)
  34. Joint Operations JNET 2020 (PDF)
  35. Master Interlocal with Lewis County (PDF)
  36. Safe and Sober Sobriety Program Testing Services 2021 (PDF)
  37. Small Works Twin Transit (PDF)
  38. Small Works with RFA (PDF)
  39. Tourism Promotion Area Interlocal (PDF)
  40. Use of Jail Services 10-21 (PDF)
  41. Use of Riverside Fire Emergency Operations Center (PDF)