Parks & Recreation

Borst Park Aerial Photo

Parks and Recreation Mission Statement

The Centralia Parks and Recreation Divisions Vision statement is we will strive to:

  1. Offer a recreation program that shall provide equal opportunities for all regardless of race, creed, social status, or economic need.
  2. Provide programs to stimulate good health and physical development.
  3. Provide programs, special events, and facilities to stimulate the socialization of the individual and family.
  4. Provide programs, special events, and facilities to stimulate the local economy.
  5. Provide and market programs to stimulate more intensive use of existing facilities.
  6. Encourage the joint use of all community facilities such as parks, libraries, schools, and the like.
  7. Coordinate programs where possible with Lewis County and the City of Chehalis so that Centralia residents may avail themselves of Lewis County and Chehalis Parks and Recreation facilities.
  8. Provide a broad and varied program of leisure activities and services related to the needs, interests, and abilities of all the people of the city.
  9. Provide a well-trained workforce who are motivated to achieve department and city-wide goals.
  10. Provide a diverse organization that communicates openly through teamwork and values quality, creativity, and risk-taking.
  11. Offer cost-effective and environmentally compatible leisure time opportunities and facilities.
  12. Plan for the future to assure that adequate open space, historical elements, and recreation facilities and programs are provided for future generations.