Parks & Recreation Facility Insurance Information

If liability insurance is required for your rental or special event, the Washington Cities Insurance Authority has a Tenant User Liability Insurance Program (TULIP) where you can purchase the coverage required by the City of Centralia. Instructions for obtaining a quote and/or insurance are as follows:

  1. Information on Intact Insurance Specialty Solutions 
  2. Go to Event Page (
  3. Click on "Event Type" and answer a few questions.
  4. Enter venue ID code:
    - Borst Park: 0465-026
    - Riverside Park: 0465-302
    - George Washington Park: 0465-027
    - Train Depot Multi-Purpose Room: 0465-028
  5. The user answers questions about the event.
  6. The user then clicks on "Get Quote" for the cost of the insurance.
  7. If the tenant elects to purchase the insurance they fill in the user (the insured) and contact information. The transaction is completed with a credit card online.
  8. In a matter of minutes (after credit card approval) an insurance certificate will be emailed to the user. The city of Centralia receives a copy as well.

Access to the program is only available online and payment must be made with VISA or MasterCard. Confirmation is handled very quickly.